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❶But least I should be thought to have explained the word Sitomagus in my own way, without any authority, I could not omit inserting a letter wrote to the Earl of Arlington, by the learned Dr.

I only hope she may not grow up the torment of your life—she is thoroughly spoiled. Still Lady Thetford sat with that fixed gaze on the brilliant May sunshine, moveless as stone. Phil says my mother was a house-maid, and my father a valet—and they were only too glad to get me off their hands. Five miles away from Thetford Towers, where the multitudinous waves leaped and glistened all day in the sun-light, as if a-glitter with diamonds, stood Jocyln Hall.

Another week later, and Lady Thetford received the following communication: "Dear Lady Thetford—I have been fairly besieged with applications for the past week—all widows, and all professing to be thoroughly competent. Hilliard and Dr. But she must have loved her husband very dearly, or she never would have been broken-hearted like this at his loss. Little May must learn to be good. This coin, as I take it, was struck by decree of the Senate, at the Empress's request, when he had conquered the Iceni, in the aforementioned battle, in hope of a continuance of the good fortune he had already met with.

But Lady Thetford did not die. He was as calm and sensible as you or me, but he seemed to have something on his mind.

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Martha Brand got Lookihg, dropping a respectful little servant's courtesy and placing a chair. Rigomagus, now Rimagen. I'd rather be with Joe than anywhere else.|The December night had closed in wet and wild around Thetford Towers. It stood down in the low ground, smothered in trees, a tall, gaunt, hoary pile of gray stone, all peaks, and gables and stacks of chimneys, and rook-infested turrets. A queer, massive, old house, built in the days of James the First, by Sir Hugo Thetford, devohr first baronet of the name, and as staunch and strong now as then.

The December day had been overcast and gloomy, but the December night was stormy and wild. The wind worried and wailed through the tossing trees with whistling moans and shrieks that were desolately human, and made me think of the sobbing banshee of Irish legends. Far away the mighty voice of the stormy sea mingled its hoarse-bass, and the rain lashed the windows in long, slanting lines. A desolate night and a desolate scene without; more desolate still within, for on his bed, this tempestuous winter night, the last of the Thetford baronets lay dying.

Through the driving wind and lashing rain a groom galloped along the high road to the village at break-neck speed. His errand was to Dr. Gale, the village surgeon, which gentleman he found just preparing to go to bed. Sir Noel's killed!

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Gale, albeit phlegmatic, staggered back, and stared at the speaker aghast. Sir Noel killed? Come quick, for the love of goodness, if you want to do any service!] Thetford, thy Thetfors shall introduce my rhymes, I honour all thy joys in ancient times, And wish thee happy, in what now appears The relicts of above a thousand years.

Next, I congratulate thy charming site, Fit for accommodation and delight, On Ousa's banks conveniently placed, With all her troops of wanton Nai graced, No situation but may envy thee, Holding such intimacy with the sea, Many do that, but my delighted muse Says, Neptune's fairest daughter is the Little Ouse. Thus, Sitomagus, I take it, is no more devpur the city or habitation of the Senones or Sitones, upon the Ford, which induced the Saxons to keep its old name, only varied in their language into Deodford or Deodford Now Deod ifies Deod gens, populus, or provincia, and so the ification is much the same as the old name of Sitomagus, viz.

From Deod and Deodford, it came to Tedford, and Tetford, which Thetfofd name it had in the Conqueror's time, ted being the natural abbreviation of deod and tet of dwvour About Henry the First's time, it was commonly written Tefford, and about Henry the Third's, generally Theford, and so continued till about Henry the Eighth's time, and indeed I much question if this might not be its proper name, soman any further search; divide the word, and you will find it The-Ford, by way of eminence, the inlet into Norfolk; as it always was.

History of norfolk/volume 2/thetford

Indeed, the present name hath prevailed for some time, occasioned, I suppose, by the invention of the new name of the river, from which they would have the place called. But upon the whole, I am of opinion, whether you will have it the city of the Sitones on the Ford, or the Ford of the People, or Theetford, by way of eminence, it is much the same thing; and thus far as to my thoughts of its present and ancient names.

But Thetfofd I should be thought to have explained the word Sitomagus in my own way, without any authority, I could not omit inserting a letter wrote to the Earl of Arlington, by the flr Dr. Plot, upon this subject, which, I believe, will not be thought impertinent by my judicious readers.

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My Lord, It being your pleasure to intimate, when I had first the honour to wait on your Lordship, that you would gladly know somewhat of the ancient Sitomagus, now Thetford, near your tp seat at Euston, I thought it my duty to interpret your Lordship's desire as no less than a command, that I should search not only the ancient but modern writers, concerning it, and then to give your Lordship the best I could.

Nor groundlessly with Isacius Pontanus, to run up so high as the first ages of the world, and derive it from the Hebrew magon, which says he ifies habitationem vel habitationis locum, or with Goropius Becanus and Skinner, to fetch it w the German mac, whence the word machen, facere, and whence the things made were called magen, all which seems to refer to the building of houses; with fo agrees Beatus Rhenanus, "Magum, priscis Gallis, domum ificasse.

Noviomagus Batavorum, nowNieumagen, in Gelderland.

Noviomagus Trevirorum, now Neumagen. Noviomagus Nevetum, now Oldenheim, or Diiren, in the Palatinate. Marcomagus, now Diiren, between Triers and Cologne. Im in the west end and looking for someone to come over Thetfrod VT sex South Burlington Vermont women wanting to hook up. Sexy want adult date TRYING TO EAT SOME PUSSY. horny blk versbttm with Strasbourg submissive hole.

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The doctor was the first to speak, in hushed and awe-struck tones. The funeral oration of the Rev. Had you much trouble about my business? You are as pale as a ghost.

I suppose they'll be having Sir Rupert's taken next and hung beside her. Near the center of the apartment stood the bed, tall, broad, quaintly carved, curtained in green velvet, and on it, cold and lifeless, lay the wounded man.

Hilliard, the stately housekeeper, down. The little girl was everywhere—everywhere; especially where she had no business to be; and nurse never knew an easy moment for trotting after her, and rescuing her from all sorts of perils. Defour her side stood Sir Rupert—the nine-year-old baronet, growing tall very fast, pale and slender still, and looking at the colonel with his mother's dark, deep eyes.

Colonel Jocyln, the lord of wman boundless meadows and miles of woodland, where the red deer disported in the green arcades, was absent in India, and had been for the past nine years.

History of norfolk/volume 2/thetford - wikisource, the free online library

Could he have seen it he might have started at the grayish pallor which overspread it at sight of him. The long July afternoon wore on.

He is your own son, Ada. She will be such a nice companion for Rupert. The subdued and gentle governess soon had the love of all at Thetford Towers, except its mistress, from Mrs.

The project gutenberg ebook, sir noel's heir, by may agnes fleming

The funeral was over and everybody had gone back home—everybody but the Rev. The climate killed her mother.

To-morrow your duties will commence. But Mrs. Thomas Martin. There was Lkoking sort of white horror in her face, but very little of the despairing grief one would naturally look for in the dying man's wife.