Exhibition "Fossils of ancient seas and oceans"
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National Park Petrified Forest
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Askold’s grave in Kiev: in the past and now

Beautiful Park, famous people under the name of “Askold’s grave” — the place of many unfortunate things. Here in ancient times was dead and buried Prince Askold, after alternately gave way to the Church, city and German cemeteries, and in the middle of the twentieth century buried the soldiers who died during the liberation of Kiev. Many changes have endured and the Church of St. Nicholas at Askold grave: from the sanctuary to the Park pavilion.

The history of the Park “Askold’s grave”

According to the ancient legend, Askold’s tomb owes its name to the head of the Kiev. Prince Askold was deceived and murdered in 882, and then buried at the place of his death. The cause of the tragedy was the desire of the Novgorod Prince Oleg to take the place of Kievan ruler.

Another name of the area — “Ugric tract” (“Ugorske tract”). It appears QC memo about ugrah, which in ancient times led a nomadic life and set up camp near the Askold grave. Thereafter, the tribe moved West, where he founded his own public education — Hungary.

Information about this place disappear until the end of the XVIII century, when Askold grave in Kiev there was a necropolis. At first it was a cemetery at the Church, and then citywide. There were buried many famous people of Kiev, only about 2 thousand people. Necropolis sushestvovala the beginning of the XX century. In 1934 the ancient burials were liquidated and in their place there is a Park.

In the twentieth century there were several attempts to revive the necropolis. But residents of the capital more fond of the Park, so it was decided to leave the picturesque alleys intact. Excavations at Askold grave is still ongoing.

Askold’s grave — Photo:

The Church of St. Nicholas at Askold’s grave

The Church of St. Nicholas on Askold grave was built 50 years after his death. This name Askold was named at baptism in 867. In the early nineteenth century the wooden Church was replaced by a stone Church-rotunda designed by architect A. I. Melensky. When the Park “Askold’s grave” appeared, the temple was rebuilt under a Park pavilion with a colonnade and café inside.

Now the Church of St. Nicholas on Askold grave was reconstructed, place of worship. The first temple visited by Pope John Paul II when he made an Apostolic visit to Ukraine in the summer of 2001.

Askold’s grave in Kiev: map and how to reach

address Askold’s grave Park road, and the Park is on the right Bank of the Dnieper river: Dnieper descent and Mariinsky Park. Getting there is easy: Askold’s grave is located a 10-minute walk from the metro station “Arsenal”.

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