Scientific Museum of FEFU, Vladivostok
The Museum of archaeology and Ethnography has a collection of archaeological and ethnographic objects, which has more than 300 thousand units. All of them are the result of over thirty…

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"Black archeologists" shared with the state
The collection of archaeological antiquities of the Historical Museum has acquired a unique treasure trove of a hundred items relating to the early history of the Slavs. The sets of…

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Archaeologists called the cause of extinction of civilization on Easter island

For a long time it was believed that the inhabitants of Easter island, or Rapa Nui (the local name for the Islands), were the victims of military conflict. The only thing left is the mysterious stone statues and a set of triangular shards of volcanic glass, which, presumably, was used as a weapon. However, it was different, believe scientists from the University of Binghamton in new York (USA).

In their opinion pieces, called “meta a”, actually served as tools. The findings of archaeologists refute existing theory about the bloody battle that destroyed the civilization on the island. New assumptions based on the results of the analysis of over 400 samples “mate and” collected on Rapa Nui.

According to the head of research, Professor Carl Lipo, a careful study of the fragments shows that they differ in shape, unlike the model spearheads. Comparing the samples from Easter island with the fragments of weapons found in Europe and around the world, you will notice that all the elements of the latter have the same carefully designed and tested the form, says the scientist. And she, in his opinion, was necessary that weapons are guaranteed to reach the desired goal.

“Using the same “mate and” surely it was possible for someone to injure, but not kill,” adds Lipo. He is sure this obstoyatelstvakh indicates that the ancient civilization has not died in the war.

Archaeologists believe that scattered around the island in large numbers “mate and” testifies more likely about the prosperity of local residents. It is most likely that the fragments were used as tools and ritual implements (for example for tattoos). “The islanders were prosperous and lived on Rapa Nui prior to European contact,” says Lipo. Perhaps it is the arrival of the first Europeans, and the exhaustion of resources caused the disappearance of local residents.

Easter island, located in the southern part of the Pacific ocean, is a territory of Chile. Today it is one of the most remote inhabited Islands in the world. Rapa Nui is famous due to the mysterious stone moai statues out of compressed volcanic ash, in which, according to local legend, lies the supernatural power of the ancestors. Since 1995 the island is a world heritage site by UNESCO.

In the Odessa region will take under the protection of the ancient city, which destroys the "black archeologists"
Better late than never! Ovidiopol officials finally paid attention to the situation in the village roksolany on the shore of the Dniester estuary, where the so-called "black archeologists" savagely destroy…


ISIS destroyed another ancient Assyrian city
The militants of the terrorist group "Islamic state" began on Sunday to demolish the ruins of the ancient Assyrian city of Dur Sharrukin, located in the town with the modern…

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