National Park Petrified Forest
National Park Petrified Forest is located along interstate 40 between the towns of Holbrook and Navajo. It is the world's largest Deposit of colored petrified wood. In addition, the largest…

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Excavation of the ancient city of Kition, modern Larnaca
Larnaca which we know now wasn't always Larnaca. Around the 12th century BC there was built the important ancient city-Kingdom of Kition. Kition was one of the centres of Phoenician…

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The ancient city of Pollentia

Finds from the excavations are exhibited in the Monographic Museum.

Of Pollentia, or Pollentia is an ancient Roman city on the island of Mallorca, between the bays of alcúdia and Pollença, Alcudia closer to (the ruins of Pollentia are next to the wall of a medieval fortress Alcudia). It was founded in the year 123 BC by the Consul’s partial Ceciliam and was the capital of Mallorca and the most important city of the Balearic province.

The first excavations of the Roman town was carried out in the sixteenth century – due to accidentally found the head of the statue of the Roman Emperor Augustus. Regular archaeological surveys began in the last century, in 1923, under the direction of Professor Gabriel Quintana Llabres.

What you can see in Pollentia today?

Today Pollentia is 12 acres of excavation (approximately the city occupied approximately 16-18 hectares). Closest to Alcudia ruins of an ancient theatre. In addition, you can see Portello – residential area (also sometimes say “Portala”), where partially preserved building, which now bears the name of “House heads”, “the House of two treasures” and “Northwest house” – they got their name thanks to the finds made in them. You can also see the forum with the Capitoline temple dedicated to Jupiter, Juno, and Minerva, the necropolis and the remains of the city wall. In recent remarakable are near the Forum, and if you visit the Pollentia on a weekday, perhaps you will witness the work being done.

If you want to wander through the ruins, and to get acquainted with archaeological findings and research – visit the Monographic Museum of Pollentia in Alcudia. Visit the Museum – for the same tickets that you acquire to visit the area of the excavation. Here you can see sculptures and statues, decorative ornaments, a collection of ceramics. The permanent exhibition in the Museum has been working since 1987. Photographing in the Museum is prohibited.

How and when to visit the Pollentia?

To visit the excavations, you will need to get to Alcudia. This can be done from Palma de Mallorca is reachable by bus No. 351, 352 or 353. The cost of a visit to the excavations is minimal – about 2 euros; the price includes a visit to the Museum, and brief guide to the excavations. Seasoned travelers do not recommend to visit the ruins in the heat, because there is no place to get shelter.

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