In Lugansk region archaeologists have discovered ancient settlements in the region.
Specialists of the archeological center "the heritage" of the East-Ukrainian national University named after Volodymyr Dahl in the summer of archaeological studies conducted a large-scale search operation on the left…

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In Jerusalem found a settlement, which is over 7.000 years
As reported by portal, in the course of excavations at the construction site of the highway in the district of Shuafat in Northern Jerusalem were discovered traces of ancient…

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Archaeologists have discovered in Rome remains of the first guest workers

A group of scientists and archaeologists from the universities of Durham and West Florida have conducted studies of ancient human remains that were buried about two thousand years to ancient Roman cemeteries. The researchers used a method of isotope analysis by which scientists were able to determine the conditions under which was formed the tooth enamel of ancient people, what they ate and the water drank in life. Thus, experts were able to establish, who was a native of Ancient Rome, and who came from other places.

Journalists Express News . referring to the materials published in the expert edition of PLoS One, has told its readers that eight of the examined human remains there are obvious signs that their diet has undergone major changes. In particular, it was found that these people came from Northern Africa, though figure out whether it was a voluntary action or compulsory, is not possible. Moreover, in those days it could be as the people who arrived in Ancient Rome with the purpose of training, and slaves.

Despite the problems with determining the motives that pushed the ancient people to make such a long transition to modern scientists, though, walesonlinethe that one of the men whose remains are subjected to research, arrived in Ancient Rome on their own. Thus, the researchers were able for the first time in the history to find documented evidence of migration of ancient people. Certainly, these processes occurred in earlier times, however, concrete evidence of this was discovered only now.

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Russian divers, the expedition of the Russian geographical society, set a world record ice dive.

New studies have shown that to protect yourself from prostate cancer a strong floor will help vegetarianism. The results showed that.

Psychologists have found, in what age is best to seek your love, and what age is more suitable for happiness and career.

Scientists from the University of London St. George’s National health service of great Britain, after a series of studies done.

Just one Cup of tea per day reduces the risk of heart disease and blood vessels. Tea drinkers are 35% less likely to encounter cardiac arrests, as.

The feeling of happiness certainly is the most desirable, but few people know that it can cause serious damage to the health.

The ancient city of Pollentia
Finds from the excavations are exhibited in the Monographic Museum. Of Pollentia, or Pollentia is an ancient Roman city on the island of Mallorca, between the bays of alcúdia and…


Archaeologists called the cause of extinction of civilization on Easter island
For a long time it was believed that the inhabitants of Easter island, or Rapa Nui (the local name for the Islands), were the victims of military conflict. The only…

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