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Black diggers by pretending to be employees of the Vsevolozhsk Museum, stole a Soviet attack aircraft

During the great Patriotic war the IL-2 was the most mass combat aircraft. Under the guidance of aircraft designer Sergei Ilyushin was released 36 thousand stormtroopers.

Our designers have called him “a flying tank” and the Germans for survivability and the lack of maneuverability was called “cement bomber”. Later, considering the power of the machine, hate the nickname “butcher” and “black death”.

Such planes are trying to recover at the Novosibirsk plant. But to find almost the whole IL-2 is priceless.

Fifteen aircraft had raised for his practice, and such a well-preserved copy was not found, — have shared the joy of the commander of the military-Patriotic search group “Vityaz” Nikolay Bukhtiyarov. — It happens once in a lifetime.

Fragments of the IL-2 they with children unearthed last week in the Luga district in three kilometers from the village Volodarskoye. First, the plane was noticed by the Rangers, they passed the information to the administration, and those attracted search engines.

This find for the treasure hunter — just a dream. Any military Museum will take such an instance on “hurrah”. State assault almost perfect: the roof, brankovina, wings, even the guns on it are preserved. Only guns dropped.

According to the local administration,the IL-2 was shot down in the Leningrad region in January of ‘ 44. He fell at a speed of 260 kilometers per hour. The crew of the aircraft is still considered missing. In captivity they, like, were not. Historians believe that they crashed.

Found IL-2 this weekend was going to transfer to the Museum-memorial “partisan glory”. But, when the “Knights” arrived on the scene, the plane really vanished. As a reminder it was carved out of a clearing and the imprints of tracked vehicles.

— Pulled out a whisk swept — said Bukhtiyarov. — These rascals his tractor was pulled out. Then, most likely, loaded on the trailer. It is seen that a Peterbilt has passed.

Searchers wrote a statement to the police, attracted the FSB. According to preliminary data, the attack stole “black diggers”. Found out that last week several people arrived at the scene found the aircraft, loaded the ship in trucks and gave tear. Even drove to the local police Department, were presented by Museum staff from Vsevolozhsk. Even showed a piece of paper with permission to export technology.

However, the head of the Luga district said that the attack did not share, because IL-2 is planned to determine in a Museum.

The value of the found plane is assessed at 400 thousand rubles. I believe that the diggers it will most likely resell either in a private Museum, or give to a collector.

The performance characteristics of IL-2 1944 issue

The crew — two people. The pilot and gunner. Length is 11.6 meters. The wingspan of 14.6 metres. Height of 4.17 meters. Curb weight — 6.16 tonnes Maximum speed at an altitude of 1500 meters 410 km/h Armament: gun and machine gun, missile, and bombing (400-600 kg bombs).

Interesting fact

27 September 2011 Il-2, restored in Novosibirsk company “Overactivate”, rose into the sky. It is the world’s only flying Il-2. On 7 November 2011 he participated in the Parade of Memory in Samara, in 2012 it was transferred to the USA to an American collector.

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