The USA returned to the Thailand archaeological finds of the bronze age
The list of items consists of 83 artifacts Dating from 1,5 to 5 thousand years that occur from the area of Ban Chiang the province of Udon Thani in northeast…

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Fossils found together
If paleontologists find a steep slope, folded sedimentary rocks, full of fossils, what they can say about their interaction? Rocks, forming in some places, differ substantially from the others. Their…

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Black diggers on site that is a sin Trostenetskaya death camps

Black diggers has been intensified in recent times in the territory Trostenetskaya the death camps. This was reported today to journalists the head of the Department of archaeology of the Middle ages and modern times of the Institute of history, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus Vadim Koshman . BelTA reports.

“The tract blagovschina, where they were shot about 150 thousand people, lately began to attract more black diggers. Usually they are looking for gold teeth and jewelry. I just find it hard to imagine that educated people took a shovel and went to dig the grave for the sake of personal belongings of the deceased. Besides the fact that it is an affront to historical memory, it is also a criminal offence under article 347 of the criminal code of Belarus” . — said Vadim Koshman.

According to the head of the center for the history of pre-industrial society of the Institute of history of national Academy Olga Levko . to fight illegal excavations extremely difficult: “Statistics on black diggers we can not provide, since we are operating not only the local “enthusiasts”, but also Russians, Ukrainians, Balts. These people are equipped with excellent equipment, they have SUVs, they are mobile and hard to pin down. They are interested in everything from barrows to country estates. The contingent is very educated. Many were obrazovanieto history, so know how to work effectively with sources and know exactly what, how and where to look, so to stop them is not so simple”, she said.

Academician-Secretary of Department of humanitarian Sciences and arts the national Academy of Sciences Alexander kovalenya sees a way out of this situation in the correct upbringing of the younger generation. “Today more than ever need to support the efforts of scientists to preserve historical and cultural heritage of the Belarusian. Educational work in this direction should be conducted with the kindergarten, to have a significant effect. Near each monument will not put the militiaman “, — concluded Alexander kovalenya .

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In the Tyumen region found the remains of ancient man
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Black diggers by pretending to be employees of the Vsevolozhsk Museum, stole a Soviet attack aircraft
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