The USA returned to the Thailand archaeological finds of the bronze age
The list of items consists of 83 artifacts Dating from 1,5 to 5 thousand years that occur from the area of Ban Chiang the province of Udon Thani in northeast…

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Black archaeologists have unearthed mounds for 8 years
Archaeologists Donetsk region are sounding the alarm: the region has intensified the disaster of mounds — graves of chiefs and prominent warriors, who lived 3-5 thousand years ago. At the…

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Ancient graves were discovered in the Egyptian city of Luxor

Many interesting discoveries may be waiting for archaeologists, located in the famous `Valley

A group of Italian archaeologists unexpectedly discovered five tombs in the clean sand from the site of the temple built on the West Bank of the Nile during the reign of Amenhotep II (1427 – 1401 BC), reports Ahram Online. Archaeologists involved in these studies will be able to play slot machines for free without registration at an affordable price. The age of the graves was less than the age of the temple itself. According to the Minister of Affairs of antiquities of Egypt Mohammed Ibrahim, burials date back to 1075 – 664 BCE

Each tomb had a deep shaft leading into the burial chamber, where there was a wooden sarcophagus.

Sarcophaguses were painted with black and red paint. Inside the sarcophagus were found the human remains. In the tomb archaeologists also found several vessels, in which the ancient Egyptians used to place the internal organs of the dead.

Part of the vessels was made of limestone, the other of baked clay.

The lids of the vessels were manufactured in the form of heads of the four sons of the Egyptian God Horus: Imsety (with human head), hapy (baboon head), Duamutef (Jackal-headed) and Kobegenova(with head of Falcon).

Kostya Tszyu: “the Economic crisis has certainly slowed the realization of my plans in Russia” As a rule, the written instructions are set out using a industry-specific, terminology, abbreviations, acronyms, and definitions. Additional help is available by telephone 8 903 29 424 15 or viaof our company.

Scientists have found the source of the smell of money It could be human sweat, trapped on the surface of a coin, or water containing organics into the old pipe (the smell of rust). That the same coin long kept the “metal” smell, enough microscopic amounts of reagents.

The Italians are going to produce energy from kites If you remember, about the same device was proposed to use in the project Ladermill. Also, according to their calculations, the electricity will cost only about ?1.5 per megawatt-hour.

The launch of the satellite “Cosmos” is on Friday, and “Progress” – on September 8 on Thursday morning the space rocket was moved to the launch pad at site 31 of the Baikonur cosmodrome. It is currently completing the construction of the rocket “Soyuz-U” to start.

In Europe people came from the Russian plain to All researchers will be provided with high-quality cartridge refilling laser printer in the service center at a low price. Among the finds were bones and teeth of ancient people, as well as various tools, carving of bones and animal remains.

In Antarctica have found a meteorite weighing 18 kg in preliminary studies, found vosemnadcatiletnij the meteorite belongs to the group of ordinary chondrites. At this stage, finding are subject to more careful study. Photo: RIA

At the reservoir found the rock similar to meteorite analysis and a sample was sent to the St. Petersburg Institute of Geology and geochronology of Precambrian of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The inhabitant of Yaroslavl region have found an unusual 27-pound stone, which can be a piece of meteorite.

Andrei Bochkaryov: in a year will finish reconstruction of the Moscow zoo, He noted that some storm drains have not changed at the zoo for over 100 years. All reconstruction works in the Moscow zoo is planned to be completed by autumn 2015

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Excavation of the ancient city of Kition, modern Larnaca
Larnaca which we know now wasn't always Larnaca. Around the 12th century BC there was built the important ancient city-Kingdom of Kition. Kition was one of the centres of Phoenician…


The prosthetic leg was discovered in ancient Chinese tomb
In Turpan (China ) archaeologists have discovered a 2,200-year-old remains of a man with a deformed knee joint, the leg to which was tied a prosthesis with a foot of…

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