Exhibition "Fossils of ancient seas and oceans"
At the exhibition "Fossils of ancient seas and oceans" will be: discover the amazing variety of Mirafiori distant geological times; to see the teeth of the ancient sharks, ancient dental…

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The graves of vampires in Bulgaria
In the southern part of Bulgaria during the excavation of a mass grave was discovered. All the skeletons were pierced through the chest with a pin. Local archaeologists have called…

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A unique artifact transferred to the Foundation of the Abkhazian state Museum

In the Foundation of the Abkhazian state Museum received men’s leather saddle with silver decorations.

In the Foundation of the Abkhazian state Museum has acquired a unique artifact, men’s leather saddle with silver decorations, made in 1907, reported head of the Department of Ethnology of the Abkhaz state Museum Bella Ketsba.

An employee of the Museum said that the artifact was acquired by the Ministry of culture from a resident of the village of kutol, Kagawa Leonid.

According to her, unique mens saddle is in complete and perfect condition.

“We are grateful to the Ministry of culture and protection of historical and cultural heritage, helping to purchase this valuable thing. We have a lot of saddles, but in this set, in this collection this is the first acquisition. It’s leather, together with it about 200 different silver jewelry. It is difficult to find artifacts of special importance in the complete set. This is the first instance that he in perfect condition,” said Ketsba.

Deputy Minister of culture and historical and cultural heritage, head of Department for historical-cultural heritage of Abkhazia Batal Kobakhia noted the significance of the acquired artifact to the Museum.

“This is a great purchase of the Abkhazian state Museum. Saddle bought for 400 thousand rubles, though the price is much higher. Some of komplettanlagen donated to the Museum,” he said.

The head of the Department, he appealed to the population of Abkhazia.

“During the war had removed many valuable artifacts, there was a lot lost. Soon Abkhazia returns icons, handed down to us. There are certainly things that are relevant to family heirlooms and traditions. But if these things get into the Museum, they will have a better fate. And it’s not that they were given, the Museum is willing to buy them,” said Kobakhia.

He added that, despite the fact that the seat of the Iran-Adjarian origin, it has its historical significance for Abkhazia.

Men’s leather saddle with silver decorations, made in 1907.

“The saddle was purchased by the Abkhaz in the early twentieth century. Where it was made, just that his life, as a historical artifact, saddle beginning in Abkhazia,” said Kobakhia.

Black leather men’s saddle consists of a saddle cushions (analyse), skeleton (ABA), crosshairs (Ahira), which is embellished with round silver plaques and different snaps. The center frame is held tesniny pattern, brushes (asempal) decorated with metal plates of different configurations of a vegetative ornament. Is provided with leather pad (awpa).

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