Black diggers on site that is a sin Trostenetskaya death camps
Black diggers has been intensified in recent times in the territory Trostenetskaya the death camps. This was reported today to journalists the head of the Department of archaeology of the…

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Who are the "black diggers". Help
In places where during the great Patriotic war, fierce fighting, working of the search party. Those searchers who do not have official permission to carrying out of prospecting works automatically…

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Archaeologist – a scientist who has been studying the past of mankind on the material sources, engaged in archaeology (archeo (archios) – and ancient Greek. lygos is the word, the doctrine).

Archaeology is a historical discipline, studying the material sources of historical past of mankind.

Material sources are tools of production and established with their help, material goods: buildings, weapons, jewelry, dishes, artwork — everything is a result of employment rights. Material sources, unlike writing, does not contain a direct narrative of historical events, and based on these historical findings are the result of scientific reconstruction. Considerable originality of material sources has necessitated the study of their experts-archaeologists, who excavate archaeological sites, investigate and publish findings and results of the excavations, restore that data on the historical past of mankind. A special value of archaeology is to study the eras when there was more writing in General, or the history of those peoples, whose writing was not in later historic times.

Archaeologist can examine the remains of sunken ships on the seabed (marine archaeology) to dig up and inspect what is left of the human settlements of the past centuries (field archaeology), or pomomusings materials and techniques to try to reconstruct things of the past, recreating them by crumbs (experimental archaeology).

The profession of archaeologist is often compared to the work of the surgeon and there, and one wrong move of the knife may lead to the death of the patient.

Of course, in most cases, “relic hunter” boss not with a knife, and a shovel, scoop, spoon and even a conventional toothbrush. Well, without the proverbial brush to clean the found values is not enough.

In addition to profound knowledge in the field of history, a professional archaeologist should have the skills of drawing, sketching, to be able to Photograph, be sure to know the basics of the restoration and preservation of various objects of stone, clay, metal, wood, leather, cloth, bone and so on. Without special knowledge on Ethnography, anthropology, topography, geodesy, Geology, without a solid ownership information on auxiliary historical disciplines, such as heraldry, sphragistics, numismatics, textual criticism archaeologist cannot take place as a specialist.

To successfully perform the activities necessary for the exchange of information with colleagues. Usually professional communication takes place directly.

The Swedish Minister showed archaeological finds at the site of the St. Petersburg "Okhta-the centre"
Saint-Petersburg. October 28, 2008. 18:07 — REGNUM, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Sweden Carl Bildt on October 28, inspected the territory of the planned construction of social and business…


The oldest submerged city
Archeologists examining the ruins of an ancient settlement near the coast of Greece now think they could be a creation 5000 years ago, and certainly the oldest sunken city in…

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