A unique artifact transferred to the Foundation of the Abkhazian state Museum
In the Foundation of the Abkhazian state Museum received men's leather saddle with silver decorations. In the Foundation of the Abkhazian state Museum has acquired a unique artifact, men's leather…

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The oldest submerged city
Archeologists examining the ruins of an ancient settlement near the coast of Greece now think they could be a creation 5000 years ago, and certainly the oldest sunken city in…

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Unique archaeological discoveries in Moscow

Mastering the most ancient part of Zaryadye commenced earlier than XIII century, and it is there now focused the interest of archaeologists, who recovered from under the bushel layers of all known eras artifacts give reason to confirm or obroski for different failure hypotheses. For example, the fact that the actual Moscow considerably exceeds the time that has passed since its first mention in Chronicles. Finishing the current season of excavation under the open sky, scientists from the cohort of “the science of shards” have something to brag about.

In the area, told the press expert Konstantin Voronin, “the density of finds are extremely high – about a dozen of individual items per square meter of excavation”. And the most impressive in size was a wooden bridge of the XVII century, found to the East, and marked the route “known to historical plans curve lane”. Swedish coin,fragments of the score and wrote to prove that a convenient place for mooring boats has become a brisk trade area with benches changed and even the possibility of accounting for and control of imported because tridevyat land products.

But here’s what interesting. Sometimes archaeological discoveries can be made accidentally: for example, activist of the movement Arhnadzor Ilya Malkov found under construction debris in Moscow the unique gravestone of the XVIth century, wrote the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets”. And it was so: he was driving “a Bicycle on the street Mytnaya and saw a large boulder, and coming closer, he realized it was a sculpture of dolomite, resembling the Madonna and child, however, without goals”. Assuming that the find was dragged from a nearby construction site, Ilya with predilection interrogated workers working there a heating main. Horseshoes, porcelain, somewhat later the Department of cultural heritage started interested in the construction on the place where was located the courtyard of an ancient monastery. In this story we are two important points: Archnadzor activist, obviously, not quite an Amateur. The ordinary citizen it is difficult to discern in a piece of white stone the shape of the statue, and in a nondescript piece of iron weapons of the times of Ivan the terrible.

What advice are ready to provide specialists to strengthen the defense of Moscow from the waste of its historical and cultural heritage? And yet. Archaeology, successfully hunting for evidence, gives a place for discoveries and experiences. What was found on the oldest street of our capital Grand this summer that is now brewing in scientific circles, ask the doctor of historical Sciences, head of the Department of archaeology of the Moscow Russia of the Institute of archaeology of the Russian Academy of Sciences Leonid Belyaev

Fossils helped to discover the secret of regeneration
The research team of paleontologists of the Berlin Museum of natural history, brown University and new York University Oswego showed that the unique regenerative ability of modern salamanders, most likely,…


Excavation of the ancient city of Kition, modern Larnaca
Larnaca which we know now wasn't always Larnaca. Around the 12th century BC there was built the important ancient city-Kingdom of Kition. Kition was one of the centres of Phoenician…

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