ISIS destroyed another ancient Assyrian city
The militants of the terrorist group "Islamic state" began on Sunday to demolish the ruins of the ancient Assyrian city of Dur Sharrukin, located in the town with the modern…

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ISIS destroyed another ancient Assyrian city

The militants of the terrorist group “Islamic state” began on Sunday to demolish the ruins of the ancient Assyrian city of Dur Sharrukin, located in the town with the modern name of Khorsabad (15 km North-East of Mosul) in Northern Iraq.

As reported by RT. Iraqi authorities are currently studying the new act of vandalism by extremists.

Their concerns expressed in particular by the Minister of tourism of Iraq Adel Fahd al-Sarab. He noted that the militants can plunder the archaeological monuments and bulldoze the site, as was done with the other ruins of the Assyrian city of Nimrud, with a history spanning three thousand years. “I urge the international community and the coalition to activate its air strikes against terrorist groups, wherever they were,” said the Minister.

On Saturday the Islamists destroyed the archaeological remains of the Parthian city of Hatra, located in the province of Ninawa. The city, founded in the II century BC the Seleucid Empire, was captured by radicals in July last year. According to sources, for the destruction of the city, a UNESCO world heritage site, the militants used bulldozers.

UN Secretary-General ban Ki-moon condemned the actions of terrorists.

“The Secretary General calls on the international community to put an end to such terrorist activities, but also to prevent kontrabandistov cultural values, as demanded in Security Council resolutions 2170 and 2199”, – said in a communique of the press service of the UN.

According to ban Ki-moon, the intentional destruction of the cultural heritage constitutes a war crime. All perpetrators must be held accountable, he said.

Dur-Sharrukin – Assyrian city built by king Sargon II (722-705 BC). In the last years of his reign, Dur-Sharukin was the capital of Assyria. In 1843, French Explorer Paul-Emile Botta began excavations of the ancient ruins of the city, this expedition marked the beginning of the science of Assyriology. Archaeological excavations established that Dur-Sharrukin was surrounded by walls with eight fortified gates. On a high platform, was the Royal Palace, consisting of 200 rooms, decorated with reliefs depicting scenes of military campaigns of Sargon II and court life.

The destruction of the ancient cities – not the first manifestation of vandalism by the IG. So, at the end of February in the Internet appeared the video, which the militants with sledgehammers smashed a unique sculpture of the pre-Islamic era, kept in the Museum of the city of Mosul in Northern Iraq. The extremists on the video stated that “false idols” to be destroyed. At the same time, it is known that the militants IG part of the antiquities sold on the black market and the proceeds directed to Finance their military operations.

On the territory currently controlled by ISIS, according to experts, is about two thousand archaeological sites and artifacts. Among them are ancient books, which destroy the militants as “contrary to the teachings of Islam”.

We will remind, in January, the Islamists sacked the Central library of Mosul and the library of the University of Mosul. In the eyes of students they burned thousands of books in a huge bonfire.

The international community is concerned about a wide expansion of the IG, has already seized a large portion of the territory of Iraq and Syria. Coming from militants threat recognized as one of the major global challenges. The grouping, numbering, according to the CIA about 30 thousand militants declared in the occupied territories “Caliphate” and continues the offensive.

ISIS is fighting against the coalition led by the US, which causes air strikes on militant positions in Iraq and Syria. The decision on a ground operation is still pending, although it is not excluded.

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