Exhibition "Fossils of ancient seas and oceans"
At the exhibition "Fossils of ancient seas and oceans" will be: discover the amazing variety of Mirafiori distant geological times; to see the teeth of the ancient sharks, ancient dental…

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The USA returned to the Thailand archaeological finds of the bronze age
The list of items consists of 83 artifacts Dating from 1,5 to 5 thousand years that occur from the area of Ban Chiang the province of Udon Thani in northeast…

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The graves of vampires in Bulgaria

In the southern part of Bulgaria during the excavation of a mass grave was discovered. All the skeletons were pierced through the chest with a pin. Local archaeologists have called it the “tomb vampires”. Why were they killed in such a strange way?

Mass grave of the vampire at Perperikon

“A vampire grave” found Professor Nikolai Ovcharov, known as the “Bulgarian Indiana Jones”. The Professor is a renowned archaeologist and was dedicated to unearthing mysteries of ancient civilizations most of his life. It was he who, during the excavations the ruins of the ancient Thracian city of Perperikon, discovered mysterious remains.

Professor Ovcharov during work on another tomb

The city was abandoned around 5,000 years ago, but its ruins had been discovered only 20 years ago. As historians suggest, it was built in honor of the Greek God of wine and fertility Dionysus, right around the temple dedicated to this deity. Among the findings that include found the citadel, fortress and Shrine, were found several “vampire graves”. Only at the site was found more than 100 skeletons.

The excavation site under the Perperikon

The Professor announced my findings and also called it the “tomb vampires”.

“We have no doubt that these people were killed, and after death their bodies had carried out a “antivampire” ritual. All tropuble punched through a stake in the chest area, apparently, so taken additional steps so that these “bad” people never voskresnoy from the dead,” – said Professor Ovcharov.

One known method of killing a vampire – his head was put in the grave between his legs

To kill a vampire, around his throat was scored by the iron rod

One of the skeletons was particularly surprised by the Professor. It was a man around the age of 40 or 50 years. In his hands was a heavy piece of a plough. According to the design, inside it was a special rod, but he was not in the composition of the plough – has been broken the rib cage of the skeleton. Left leg of the man below the knee was severed and left beside the skeleton.

Ovcharov believes that the burial belongs to the 13th century ad. At the site were also found the remains of a woman and small child that were placed after death in order to create an image of the virgin Mary and child.

Such a mysterious burial had been found earlier. For example, in 2008 archaeologists have found 4000-year-old grave in the town of Mikulovice (Czech Republic), in which the head and chest of the skeleton were crushed with large stones. This method of killing is found in legends and tales. It’s the way people tried to make a vampire never to leave the tomb and return to the living world.

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