The prosthetic leg was discovered in ancient Chinese tomb
In Turpan (China ) archaeologists have discovered a 2,200-year-old remains of a man with a deformed knee joint, the leg to which was tied a prosthesis with a foot of…

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The site of Tominsky GOK has found new traces of the ancient settlement
As the press service of the CSU, in accordance with the Russian legislation, any business may be conducted only after the archaeological survey the area. If there are archaeological sites,…

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“Black archeologists” shared with the state

The collection of archaeological antiquities of the Historical Museum has acquired a unique treasure trove of a hundred items relating to the early history of the Slavs. The sets of jewelry of exceptional beauty were withdrawn by employees of FSB in the so-called “black diggers” who found a hidden treasure somewhere in the South of the Bryansk region.

Treasures from the treasure placed in the permanent exhibition of the Historical Museum, and now everyone can see the bronze of the hryvnia, bracelets, brooches, lapel chain and parts of horse harness decorated in dark red champlevé enamel. The idea of Russian antiquities formed many paintings and book illustrations by Vasnetsov. As a result a widespread misconception that the ornaments of the ancient Slavs consisted of continuous small flourishes and floral motifs. However, the objects from the treasure of very different – concise, solid details, more rectangular, and triangular. Scientists have yet to study the new arrival. While they suggest that the hoard was buried in the third century of our era.

By the way, who exactly he was dug, also a mystery. Even the Deputy Minister of culture Andrei Busygin . who was directly involved in the disposition of artifacts:

– I only know that the FSB Department for the Bryansk region there were some way for these”black archeologists”, held them for relevant conversations. As a result, the owner of the treasure, which, apparently, wanted to sell it or inside the country or outside of it, made such a step as a voluntary transfer of the treasure state. As far as I can judge by descriptions, who led the excavations, it was a treasure, and not, say, stuff from burial. In any case, such activities are illegal and harmful, because “black archeologists” don’t think about the preservation of the monument and especially on its scientific description. The main thing for them to withdraw, and this withdrawal leads to the destruction of the monument, – says Andrey Busygin.

Senior researcher of the Department of archeology of the Historical Museum Alexander Akhmetov calls the current period of Russian science and cultural heritage “scary”:

– Huge number of archaeological sites now destroyed. This happens not only as a result of anthropogenic influences, but because of a simple stupid curiosity and – as a result of greed. We know the place of discovery of the treasure, but so far keeping it secret. The object to be examined by our experts and only then it will be possible to tell in scientific publications

In Jerusalem found a settlement, which is over 7.000 years
As reported by portal, in the course of excavations at the construction site of the highway in the district of Shuafat in Northern Jerusalem were discovered traces of ancient…


Who are the "black diggers". Help
In places where during the great Patriotic war, fierce fighting, working of the search party. Those searchers who do not have official permission to carrying out of prospecting works automatically…

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