Ancient graves were discovered in the Egyptian city of Luxor
Many interesting discoveries may be waiting for archaeologists, located in the famous `Valley A group of Italian archaeologists unexpectedly discovered five tombs in the clean sand from the site of…

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The USA returned to the Thailand archaeological finds of the bronze age
The list of items consists of 83 artifacts Dating from 1,5 to 5 thousand years that occur from the area of Ban Chiang the province of Udon Thani in northeast…

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Forbidden archeology

Every day scientists, archaeologists make new discoveries, but not all of them would be loyal to the public. Unfortunately, a great number of findings that fall under the category of “forbidden” and will not be exposed to light, although data on them are preserved by their discoverers.

In the early 60’s, in Central Mexico, were found stone tools. They were high-tech, which tells us that such a weapon could produce only ratany people with a high intelligence level. This finding was 250 thousand years, as stated by the leaders of the expedition. It is obvious that CRO-magnon would not have been able to make such a weapon.

Meanwhile, in South Africa, a group of miners stumbled upon a very strange discovery, also fall under the category of ban: they found more than a hundred metal spheres of two kinds: some were white and porous inside, the other pale blue with white spots. As identified by archaeologists, the age of these spheres is more than two million years. The miners immediately kicked out of the facility, explaining that they were poisoned by the gas and took blue potatoes for alien discoveries. However, this does not detract from the fact that at the equator from these findings were made by three perfectly parallel grooves which could be left only a rational being. A list of these finds can be listed endlessly, but until such facts only are persecuted and repressed – clickone advantageous to destroy the well-established and well-known theory.

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Archaeology – TOP 5 discoveries of the southern Urals the southern Urals are old and uncharted territory. Before the expedition of Ermak was virtually no data about the area. The significance found there.

Archeology is a fascinating science of Archaeology gives you the opportunity to explore what was happening in a certain area. Because of the archaeology we have the opportunity to look.

Archeology Kursk region Kursk is an ancient Russian city, older than 900 years. The first mention of it dates back to the year 1052. However, scientists of the local history Museum.

Archaeology – “black” diggers Archaeology more and more penetrates into the depths of our life. To touch a hand to historical values, to discover the treasure and dig the grave.

Who are the "black diggers". Help
In places where during the great Patriotic war, fierce fighting, working of the search party. Those searchers who do not have official permission to carrying out of prospecting works automatically…


In elec discovered the remains of settlements arising before the destruction of the city by Tamerlan
Under the Dace ended the largest in the history of the Lipetsk region archaeological excavations. Hundreds of unique artifacts, which are more than 500 years, survived in good condition. Now…

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