Archaeologists called the cause of extinction of civilization on Easter island
For a long time it was believed that the inhabitants of Easter island, or Rapa Nui (the local name for the Islands), were the victims of military conflict. The only…

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Aswan tombs of the nobles
Sand hills of the West Bank Aswan is strewn with rock tombs, where the buried officials of high status, the Ancient and Middle kingdoms. On top of the hill is…

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The site of Tominsky GOK has found new traces of the ancient settlement

As the press service of the CSU, in accordance with the Russian legislation, any business may be conducted only after the archaeological survey the area. If there are archaeological sites, farm work can begin only after full research.

An ancient settlement of the bronze age, according to preliminary data consisting of two dwellings, was opened in 2004 in the area now defined for the development of Tominsky. In the summer of 2015 “Russian copper company” engaged in the project of construction of the GOK, contributed to the study of settlement is more than five million rubles. It is planned that in the field season of 2015 will be entirely excavated area of the settlement of approximately 1500 square meters.

During the first weeks of excavation, archaeologists have uncovered the upper layers of a single dwelling with an area of about 250 square meters, in which about four thousand years ago, the living representatives of one of the South Ural tribes.

“Among the finds were fragments of ceramic vessels, which allows to date the settlement XVIII-XVI centuries BC — a little older than the famous arch, and stone tools (scrapers, teachnique, chippers, knife-like plates),ceramic spindle whorls. Of particular interest are the finds of fragment of slag and bronze splacka, clearly showing that the inhabitants of the settlements have not only used the items from metal, but they themselves were engaged in metallurgy — smelting of bronze” — according to the CSU.

According to archaeologists, the discovery and study of such small settlements is a rarity for science and can bring new information about the life and migration of the ancient population of the southern Urals. Excavation of the settlement Tomino-1 will last until the end of August.

“After the excavation will be conducted by an independent state review of our excavations, confirming that the monument has been completely and accurately studied. The scientific report will be provided to the Academy of Sciences in Moscow and the Russian Ministry of culture for review. Thus, everything is very transparent, well controlled and fully guaranteed, we have studied the object. Only then can the chores. Finds from the excavations must be transferred to the Museum, whose collections included in the state part of Museum Fund. In this case it will be the Museum of archaeology and Ethnography of CSU,” explained the head of the expedition, candidate of historical Sciences, Director of the research center for the study of problems of nature and man CSU Elena Kupriyanova.

Black diggers on site that is a sin Trostenetskaya death camps
Black diggers has been intensified in recent times in the territory Trostenetskaya the death camps. This was reported today to journalists the head of the Department of archaeology of the…


The USA returned to the Thailand archaeological finds of the bronze age
The list of items consists of 83 artifacts Dating from 1,5 to 5 thousand years that occur from the area of Ban Chiang the province of Udon Thani in northeast…

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