Archaeological Museum of Tigranakert has presented more than 30 exhibits IX-VII centuries BC
In the archaeological Museum of Tigranakert in Nagorno Karabakh opened the exhibition of artifacts discovered during the excavation of a barrow near the village of nor Haykajour Markerscase district. The…

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Archaeologists have discovered in Rome remains of the first guest workers
A group of scientists and archaeologists from the universities of Durham and West Florida have conducted studies of ancient human remains that were buried about two thousand years to ancient…

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Ancient civilizations on the territory of Russia

Many scientific articles and books written about the various artifacts and ancient structures in the territories of different countries. Only the findings on the territory of Russia for some reason silent. I decided to fill this “gap” some information on this topic.

Until recently it was believed that Africa is the birthplace of humanity, because they found the most ancient remains of “Homo sapiens”, Dating from 1.2 to 2.4 million years. However, on the territory of Russia have found a much more ancient artifacts. For 14 years archaeological expedition to the village of Deering-yuriakh, which is not far from Yakutsk. The artifacts found there (stone bowls, mortars, instruments of labour and hunting) are dated by scholars to the 2.4 – 3 million years. Finds quite a lot — there are already dozens of tysyacheletie, which indicates a fairly dense and long-term human settlement in this territory. Unfortunately, it is not found in the Internet Photo finds from Deering yuriakh, only a brief mention of the excavation produced. Apparently, Orthodox science is not “profitable” to highlight such findings, radically overturning “established opinion” about human development.

But, despite persistent “silence” still “leak” posts and Photos about hundreds and thousands of these “finds”.

Let’s look at some of them.

Pyramid of Primorye, is much older than the Egyptian

Mount Pidan literally from the top to the foot of the “covered” megalithic blocks (processed stone)

In the Khabarovsk region near the village of Sheremetyevo were found blocks processed scriptboy frame, used in “ancient” Greece, when the construction of temples

some units even meet melted hole, which indicates the high technology using Energies, are unavailable even now

The Sput of the village were found remains of the wall of moissanite (silicon carbide), which is in strength not inferior to corundum and may be made only with application of high technologies (on the Photo — the shard of the wall). and in the area of the river Nine was found shards of pottery, the finds are dated to 3.5 — 4 thousand years BC (“Greek civilization” did not exist

Unusual “finds” in Russia a great many. I post only a small portion of my accumulated “collection of artifacts” (over 500 Photos). For example, findings from svastichnoe (Vedic) the image on the items or the remains of megalithic structures,

the rock carvings are very “similar” to the images found in India, but is much older

In 50-60 years was a “hint” just blow up these findings “so as not to embarrass the minds of melodys scientists”. But “vandalism against science” all the same did not get to many artifacts

Find also traces of mechanical processing of stones

These findings are observed on the whole territory of Russia from Primorye to the Kola Peninsula. In Ukraine, too, many traces of an Ancient technological civilization

And these “bowls” can be found everywhere

We still have to study and explore the Ancient heritage of the Ancestors. Perhaps the mythical Hyperborea and not “lost”.

In the Lipetsk region have found the grave of an ancient chief, coeval Faraone
During the excavation of a barrow near the village of Otskochila Dobrinsky district (Lipetsk region) archeologists have uncovered a mass grave Dating back to the second Millennium BC, according to…


British archaeologists made a curious discovery about medieval children
In the process of yet another archaeological expedition to British researchers have found the remains of children who lived in England in the middle Ages. Experts have analysed the tooth…

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