In elec discovered the remains of settlements arising before the destruction of the city by Tamerlan
Under the Dace ended the largest in the history of the Lipetsk region archaeological excavations. Hundreds of unique artifacts, which are more than 500 years, survived in good condition. Now…

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Archaeological excavations of the ruins of the Royal castle of Koenigsberg
Order, later the Royal castle was founded in 1255 by the Bohemian king Ottokar II Przemysl. To the XIV century, the castle consisted of a house of the convent, separated…

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Black diggers building their business on the bones.

The goodname of the warriors and restore Berd students. Young military archaeologists completed another expedition to the places of battles of the great Patriotic war. And they say that the war is far from over.

Russian capsule locket: it invested in a piece of paper. They were cancelled in 43 year but the soldiers have started to pop pieces of paper in cartridges.

This is the ninth expedition military archaeologists in Tver region: here the Siberian division stopped the enemy on the outskirts of Moscow. According to archival data, only a city of White was missing 50 thousand soldiers: it is comparable with the population of Berdsk. To return them the names of the task team “Condor”.

Nastya Zhebrovska, expedition member: “Put your work after so many years in a search to help someone. His hands picked up the relic”.

Just this summer found the remains of more than a hundred fighters. But his main success Berd searchers believe the fact that for six years they were able to bring back from oblivion the names of four dozen soldiers. Many of them considered deserters. However, to identify the remains of victims is not always possible: paper liner with the name of the soldier in the locket eventually perish. In recent years, the main problem were the so-called”black diggers”. Daily searchers found traces of wanting to profit at the expense of the fallen.

Maxim Mikhailov, a member of the expedition: “They are not interested in bones. They are interested in trophies for the purpose of resale of these things. When they find bones, they just throw them and take their valuables, gold teeth”.

To fight them, I assure the search engines, it is impossible. A German medallion in Germany you can get up to 4000 euros, and in Russia looter will be punished only by a fine of fifteen thousand. The remains of the Soviet soldiers were robbers, not interest: among them jewels won’t find, they just throw to the side. For dead soldiers, as for search engines, this war is still ongoing.

Forbidden archeology
Every day scientists, archaeologists make new discoveries, but not all of them would be loyal to the public. Unfortunately, a great number of findings that fall under the category of…


Black diggers have found the temple of the Pharaoh
Residents of Cairo have discovered the temple of the era of Thutmose III during the illegal excavations. According to preliminary data, the monument several thousand years. Black diggers looking for…

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