Fossils found together
If paleontologists find a steep slope, folded sedimentary rocks, full of fossils, what they can say about their interaction? Rocks, forming in some places, differ substantially from the others. Their…

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Archaeological excavations of the ruins of the Royal castle of Koenigsberg
Order, later the Royal castle was founded in 1255 by the Bohemian king Ottokar II Przemysl. To the XIV century, the castle consisted of a house of the convent, separated…

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Black archaeologists have unearthed mounds for 8 years

Archaeologists Donetsk region are sounding the alarm: the region has intensified the disaster of mounds — graves of chiefs and prominent warriors, who lived 3-5 thousand years ago. At the end of last week, a local history buff, 34-year-old Alexander Kotenko found on the outskirts of Donetsk archaeologists opened the black barrow. To get to the burial chamber where priceless objects of worship and the grave diggers did not.

— I all life was fond of history, — has told “the View” Alexander Kotenko. We youth gathered here, this “place of power”, which erased the boundary between the worlds, then activated the hidden possibilities of man.

According to Alexander, a week ago, when he came to barrow with friends, we saw traces of the excavation — the mound was pierced by a deep trench, dug by hand. In the nearby bushes were hidden the shovel.

— It is the largest mound in the city, it is higher three metres in diameter and forty, — has told “the View” head of the Department of archaeology of the Donetsk regional local lore Museum Sergei degermendgi. — In place of the dig we found bones of animals from thousands of years ago. To human remains and to the values that can be in the grave diggers has not yet arrived.

— The objects found there, we can determine the age drovyanaya graves, to trace the stages of development of civilization, — has told “the View” archaeologist Anatoly Osochuk. — The people who lived in those times had no writing system, and to judge their life and lifestyle we can only on such findings.

Archaeologists refuse to name the price on the black market items that can be found in the mounds. But the order of numbers is impressive — from one to ten thousand dollars per subject.

Most often found in barrows weapons, arrowheads, axes, maces, ceramics, items made from copper, much less the ornaments of gold and other metals.

— In each settlement near which are the mounds, there are legends that there are great treasures buried, — says Anatoly Osochuk. — It attracts plunderers.

Excavation of a barrow pull on 8 years

The Prosecutor of Leninsky district of Donetsk Anatoly Marikhin told “Opinion” that black archeologists can be planted in 298 article of the criminal code for “illegal carrying out of prospecting works on objects of archaeological heritage”.

— This article provides from 3 till 8 years of imprisonment, — has told Anatoly Marikhin.— However, while we attempt data the looting of the mound are not yet available. Apparently the documents were not ready yet.

Once the signal is given by Museum workers, policemen promise to do a search of “black” archeologists. However, ensure that people rozrywka barrow, will be found no one gives.

More than 8,000 burial mounds archaeologists have counted in the steppes of Donetsk region

The average duration of graves 3-5 thousand years

Black archeologists opened a mound