Black diggers building their business on the bones.
The goodname of the warriors and restore Berd students. Young military archaeologists completed another expedition to the places of battles of the great Patriotic war. And they say that the…

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In the Odessa region will take under the protection of the ancient city, which destroys the "black archeologists"
Better late than never! Ovidiopol officials finally paid attention to the situation in the village roksolany on the shore of the Dniester estuary, where the so-called "black archeologists" savagely destroy…

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Who are the “black diggers”. Help

In places where during the great Patriotic war, fierce fighting, working of the search party. Those searchers who do not have official permission to carrying out of prospecting works automatically fall into the category of “black trackers”. They are called “black archeologists” or “black diggers”.

Some of them are people who love your work, but do not have permission to conduct excavations. Very often, then they become historical clubs that have these permissions. But there are others who conduct excavations to regional or University Museum, and for sale. collectors pay for expensive military items, awards, and especially weapons.

“Cool”. This small, well organized groups who are looking only ammunition and weapons. Basically they come across ammunition and explosives.

The “professionals”. For them forest is the main source of income. They usually go into the woods for two or three months. Finding a pristine position, they dig more and more-meneando. In addition to weapons and ammunition, “professionals” and take German helmets, buckles, buttons, SS symbols.

The third type of search engines call themselves “archaeologists”. According to their assurances, no tangible benefits do not pursue guys. They say searching for them is something like a hobby.

“Black diggers” dig the earth, removing from it the attributes of the rotting war. weapons, orders and medals, personal belongings remaining on the battlefield, their skulls and bones. But for them bones – worthless trash, the costs of trophy business for which the market will not give a penny.

Buttons, buckles and other melochovki of the great Patriotic hits the market. Badges and medals are in high demand.

Buying these things collectors and fascist adolescents. If collectors are interested in rare instances. the skinhead teenagers buy the cheaper, if only with a swastika. This forms the assortment on the shelves dominated by Nazi paraphernalia.

It’s not uncommon for “black pathfinders” are serious patterns, sold their finds. They manage under the guise of scrap metal to ship overseas, tanks and guns during the war. Everything is restored and appears in museums.

If excavated weapons “black diggers” put in order, such weapons are in demand in the criminal world. because the number of weapons is often erased when Stripping, ammunition already not used anywhere and also has lost the markings, corrosion-eaten. In addition, the explosives extracted from shell casings, too, are in demand.

The worst thing is that “black diggers” easily endanger their own and others lives. Indeed, many of them dragged their dangerous discovery home, without thinking about the consequences.

All the activities of illegal diggers with arms covered under article 222 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation. It provides for punishment for trafficking in arms and ammunition, as well as for their storage and transportation. Even a few rounds of ammunition and a detail of some explosive device may result in the dock. The maximum sentence is 8 years imprisonment.

In article 223 of the criminal code States that “illegal manufacture or repair of firearms, their components, and the illicit manufacture of ammunition, explosives or explosive devices shall be punishable by deprivation of liberty for a term up to 4 years.”

A unique artifact transferred to the Foundation of the Abkhazian state Museum
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Aswan tombs of the nobles
Sand hills of the West Bank Aswan is strewn with rock tombs, where the buried officials of high status, the Ancient and Middle kingdoms. On top of the hill is…

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