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A unique artifact transferred to the Foundation of the Abkhazian state Museum
In the Foundation of the Abkhazian state Museum received men's leather saddle with silver decorations. In the Foundation of the Abkhazian state Museum has acquired a unique artifact, men's leather…

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In the Odessa region will take under the protection of the ancient city, which destroys the “black archeologists”

Better late than never! Ovidiopol officials finally paid attention to the situation in the village roksolany on the shore of the Dniester estuary, where the so-called “black archeologists” savagely destroy a monument of national importance – the ancient city of Niconium .

As I told “Duma” in district administration, we are now studying the possibility of creating a municipal enterprise “Niconium”, which will protect the object and will take steps to incorporate it into Hiking trails.

However, when you decide and from what sources will Finance the activities of the KP, is unclear. “The issue is under consideration”, — told us the representative of the administration.

Head of the archaeology Department of North-Western black sea region Institute of archaeology of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Tatiana Samoilov believes that for the salvation of Nikoniy (not that there’s any save – Director of the Odessa archaeological Museum Igor Bruyako, for example, believes that the monument was destroyed completely ) as soon as possible to take several steps.

The first is to ensure round the clock security, and ograniczony to be armed: in recent years, treasure hunters became impudent so that the attack on the members of the official archaeological expedition. The second step is to carry out shore protection works. Niconium sometimes called “the Atlantis of the Dniester” — at the beginning of the last century the lower terrace of the ancient city, the most affluent neighborhoods had fallen to the estuary. Overgeorgia and landslide processes were continuing — every year go to water all the new square meters of the slope.

Further, says Samoylova, you must issue all documentation to the land, to enclose the object to open canned archaeologists (i.e. buried) parts of the city, to put them in order, to build a small Museum in which are exhibited the most interesting findings.

“Isn’t that where they all of this money will find, not very clear,” she says.

Niconium is the monument of archaeology of national importance, the ancient Greek city-state, founded in the VI century BC by colonists from Istria (a city in modern Romania) or from Asia minor Milet.

In III-II centuries BC Niconium was destroyed by the companion of Alexander the great, Saperion. In the beginning of our era the city was restored as a stronghold on the border of the great Steppe, but two centuries later under the blows he ceased to exist completely.

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