National Park Petrified Forest
National Park Petrified Forest is located along interstate 40 between the towns of Holbrook and Navajo. It is the world's largest Deposit of colored petrified wood. In addition, the largest…

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British archaeologists made a curious discovery about medieval children
In the process of yet another archaeological expedition to British researchers have found the remains of children who lived in England in the middle Ages. Experts have analysed the tooth…

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ISIS destroyed another ancient Assyrian city

The militants of the terrorist group “Islamic state” began on Sunday to demolish the ruins of the ancient Assyrian city of Dur Sharrukin, located in the town with the modern name of Khorsabad (15 km North-East of Mosul) in Northern Iraq.

As reported by RT. Iraqi authorities are currently studying the new act of vandalism by extremists.

Their concerns expressed in particular by the Minister of tourism of Iraq Adel Fahd al-Sarab. He noted that the militants can plunder the archaeological monuments and bulldoze the site, as was done with the other ruins of the Assyrian city of Nimrud, with a history spanning three thousand years. “I urge the international community and the coalition to activate its air strikes against terrorist groups, wherever they were,” said the Minister.

On Saturday the Islamists destroyed the archaeological remains of the Parthian city of Hatra, located in the province of Ninawa. The city, founded in the II century BC the Seleucid Empire, was captured by radicals in July last year. According to sources, for the destruction of the city, a UNESCO world heritage site, the militants used bulldozers. Continue reading

Scientific Museum of FEFU, Vladivostok

The Museum of archaeology and Ethnography has a collection of archaeological and ethnographic objects, which has more than 300 thousand units. All of them are the result of over thirty years of field research University archaeologists and ethnographers in the region. In the exhibition hall, visitors can see the history of the development of the Primorie territory from the Paleolithic to the middle ages, and world archaeological sites.

The funds include the largest in the far East upper Palaeolithic collections. Among them are the reference materials of monuments of the upper Paleolithic in the Northern hemisphere – Ustinovka and Suvorovo. In the stands-showcases Paleolithic is represented not only by stone tools and household items, but also reproduced in detail the technology of manufacturing these items. Here are the stands that tell about archaeology as a science and are introduced to archaeological monuments located on the territory of the region.

Artifacts of the Neolithic period are the references for the study of ancient history in the chronological span between 7,5 and 2 thousand years ago. Of special interest unique to the Pacific Neolithic objects baymanskaya culture (Bay of Boisman) and human remains that time. Baymanskaya Neolithic culture is remarkable in that our days there were the skeletons of people and objects made of bone an age of 6,000 years. Continue reading

The oldest submerged city

Archeologists examining the ruins of an ancient settlement near the coast of Greece now think they could be a creation 5000 years ago, and certainly the oldest sunken city in the sea, discovered to date.

Excavations conducted this summer became the first for five years of cooperation between Greek and British scientists aimed to study the town of Pavlopetri, which has not been studied since its discovery and mapping by a British archaeologist in 1967-68.

Dr. Jon Henderson, an archaeologist from the University of Nottingham conducts research jointly with Mrs. Eli Spondylis from Adoratskogo branch “of Underwater antiquities” of the Greek Ministry of culture. Dr. Henderson is the first archaeologist in 40 years who received an official pass from the government of Greece for research on this place.

“It was extremely exciting. I read about this place when I was young, and even could not assume, what enough that I can dive here, but that I will have the opportunity to conduct research. We found approximately 9000 square meters of new buildings that have recently opened in connection with the displacement of sand that really caused us to feel nervous yeast,” said Dr. Henderson. Continue reading

Unexplained archaeology discoveries
Such discoveries are unexplained findings. The finds of archaeology is a new discovery in the world of archaeology, which shocked the entire world! Excavated artifacts, attracted a large number of…


In South-East Asia for the first time have found the oldest remains of modern humans
The researchers found in Asia, new remains of human ancestors, suggesting that our predecessors very quickly settled on the planet and Asia was one of the first places where you…

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