Four frightening archaeological finds
Severed hands During the excavation of the once majestic Palace in the Egyptian city of tell El Daba near the throne room, scientists discovered four pits with human remains. The…

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The ancient city of Pollentia
Finds from the excavations are exhibited in the Monographic Museum. Of Pollentia, or Pollentia is an ancient Roman city on the island of Mallorca, between the bays of alcúdia and…

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Scientific Museum of FEFU, Vladivostok

The Museum of archaeology and Ethnography has a collection of archaeological and ethnographic objects, which has more than 300 thousand units. All of them are the result of over thirty years of field research University archaeologists and ethnographers in the region. In the exhibition hall, visitors can see the history of the development of the Primorie territory from the Paleolithic to the middle ages, and world archaeological sites.

The funds include the largest in the far East upper Palaeolithic collections. Among them are the reference materials of monuments of the upper Paleolithic in the Northern hemisphere – Ustinovka and Suvorovo. In the stands-showcases Paleolithic is represented not only by stone tools and household items, but also reproduced in detail the technology of manufacturing these items. Here are the stands that tell about archaeology as a science and are introduced to archaeological monuments located on the territory of the region.

Artifacts of the Neolithic period are the references for the study of ancient history in the chronological span between 7,5 and 2 thousand years ago. Of special interest unique to the Pacific Neolithic objects baymanskaya culture (Bay of Boisman) and human remains that time. Baymanskaya Neolithic culture is remarkable in that our days there were the skeletons of people and objects made of bone an age of 6,000 years. Continue reading

In elec discovered the remains of settlements arising before the destruction of the city by Tamerlan

Under the Dace ended the largest in the history of the Lipetsk region archaeological excavations. Hundreds of unique artifacts, which are more than 500 years, survived in good condition. Now finds are studied by archaeologists. According to scientists, they will allow you to open previously unknown pages of the history of the ancient city.

Unique artifacts were found in elec near Znamensky monastery. Today there is projected the construction of water intake. And the findings were made possible largely due to the fact that lipchane carefully monitored to ensure that before each large-scale construction on the property was carried out archaeological research. But, as recognized by archaeologists themselves, initially not even expected to find in this area any significant. However, the sensation started coming one after another.

So, found in elec cross-encolpion, which is also called a reliquary, since it is kept particles of the relics would have been considered a big success even for such ancient centres as Novgorod, Pskov, Vladimir. According to experts, it belongs to the pre-Mongol period. Earlier on the territory of Central Russia were found fragments of similar crosses. In elec the encolpion is completely preserved. Continue reading

National Park Petrified Forest

National Park Petrified Forest is located along interstate 40 between the towns of Holbrook and Navajo. It is the world’s largest Deposit of colored petrified wood. In addition, the largest cut colored petrified wood fragments derived from the trunks found in this place. Most found here are samples of petrified wood belongs to the family Araucariaceae and in particular referring to Araucarioxylon arizonicum. Plants of this family have completely disappeared in the Northern hemisphere, but remains in the isolated populations in the southern hemisphere.

The Park consists of 2 areas. Northern territory, covering part of the sediments of the Chinle formation upper Triassic (220 million years) is called the Painted Desert. In the southern part there are several locations of petrified wood.

The Petrified Forest area was declared a national monument December 8, 1906, and in 1962 was opened the national Park. Currently the national Park is 885 km 2. Along with numerous localities of petrified wood, the Park’s attractions include Agate Agate house and bridge, built of petrified wood. Continue reading

During excavations in the ancient city opened the "gates to Hell"
Scientists were convinced of the correctness of Strabo: a few birds that approached the "gates of hell", was killed in front of them A portal leading to the realm of…


Archaeologists have found a list of the murderers of Prince Andrei Bogolyubsky
During the restoration of the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral in Pereslavl-Zalessky researchers found on its walls are some ancient graffiti, including a unique inscription of the XII century — a message about…

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