Black archaeologists have unearthed mounds for 8 years
Archaeologists Donetsk region are sounding the alarm: the region has intensified the disaster of mounds — graves of chiefs and prominent warriors, who lived 3-5 thousand years ago. At the…

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Alternative history. (Forbidden archeology)
I collect the facts, which show Discrepancies with the official science. They can be summarized as follows: 1. Artifacts: Archeological finds (hammer, bowl, Nazca lines, etc.) 2. The descent of…

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Fossils helped to discover the secret of regeneration

The research team of paleontologists of the Berlin Museum of natural history, brown University and new York University Oswego showed that the unique regenerative ability of modern salamanders, most likely, was a feature of ancient four-legged vertebrates, lost in the course of evolution.

Salamanders have the amazing ability to restore damaged or lost limbs and internal organs. The controlling feature high regenerative mechanisms are the center of attention of a large number of biologists. They do not lose hope once to apply the received knowledge in the field of medicine.

However, regeneration is not the only thing that interests the scientific community. So, salamanders develop their hind legs in the embryo that distinguishes it from all other four-legged creatures.

“Their fingers are formed in reverse order compared to other four-legged vertebrates. It remains a mystery for over a hundred years. We are very interested in, as a way of evolutionary development of the limbs is associated with high regenerative capabilities,” says Dr. Trubish Nadia (Nadia Fröbisch), the author of the study. Continue reading

“Black archeologists” shared with the state

The collection of archaeological antiquities of the Historical Museum has acquired a unique treasure trove of a hundred items relating to the early history of the Slavs. The sets of jewelry of exceptional beauty were withdrawn by employees of FSB in the so-called “black diggers” who found a hidden treasure somewhere in the South of the Bryansk region.

Treasures from the treasure placed in the permanent exhibition of the Historical Museum, and now everyone can see the bronze of the hryvnia, bracelets, brooches, lapel chain and parts of horse harness decorated in dark red champlevé enamel. The idea of Russian antiquities formed many paintings and book illustrations by Vasnetsov. As a result a widespread misconception that the ornaments of the ancient Slavs consisted of continuous small flourishes and floral motifs. However, the objects from the treasure of very different – concise, solid details, more rectangular, and triangular. Scientists have yet to study the new arrival. While they suggest that the hoard was buried in the third century of our era. Continue reading

Aswan tombs of the nobles

Sand hills of the West Bank Aswan is strewn with rock tombs, where the buried officials of high status, the Ancient and Middle kingdoms. On top of the hill is the domed mausoleum of the Muslim prophet, whose name gave the name to the place, Qubbet el-Hawa, or “Dome of the Winds”.

A steep ascent of stone steps leads to the upper level of the cemetery, where there are about 6 or 7 tombs open to visitors. Excursions usually start from the southern part of the upper level, where you can see the most interesting of them.

These ancient burial places carved out of stone, although not as well preserved as in Luxor or Cairo, but quite interesting. They are excellent examples of texts written in hieroglyphs. In the text that they contain, is informed about a career its owners; they are also scenes from everyday life. Many of the tombs are linked; this is because one was added other cameras for relatives.

In the tomb 25/26 buried father and son, who were Caretakers in Upper Egypt in dynasty VI during the reign of Pepi II. The tomb is carved in the old Kingdom style, with a small obelisk at the entrance. Continue reading

National Park Petrified Forest
National Park Petrified Forest is located along interstate 40 between the towns of Holbrook and Navajo. It is the world's largest Deposit of colored petrified wood. In addition, the largest…


The prosthetic leg was discovered in ancient Chinese tomb
In Turpan (China ) archaeologists have discovered a 2,200-year-old remains of a man with a deformed knee joint, the leg to which was tied a prosthesis with a foot of…

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