British archaeologists made a curious discovery about medieval children
In the process of yet another archaeological expedition to British researchers have found the remains of children who lived in England in the middle Ages. Experts have analysed the tooth…

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In elec discovered the remains of settlements arising before the destruction of the city by Tamerlan
Under the Dace ended the largest in the history of the Lipetsk region archaeological excavations. Hundreds of unique artifacts, which are more than 500 years, survived in good condition. Now…

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Fossils found together

If paleontologists find a steep slope, folded sedimentary rocks, full of fossils, what they can say about their interaction?

Rocks, forming in some places, differ substantially from the others. Their specific characteristics are called sedimentary facies. It happens today, just like millions of years ago. Rocks at different sites can have very different composition, even if their accumulation occurred in the same period of time. The same applies to those included in them the petrified spines.

Fossils in some places is often very different from that of fossils in other places due to the environmental conditions in which the sediments. Just like ocean fish, shellfish, and mammals that live at different depths, the fossils found in various sedimentary deposits of ancient seas, characteristic of the marine environment. The stratigraphic arrangement of the sedimentary rock often shows the species and a sediment gradient. Because ultimately everything falls to the bottom and covered by sediment, even species that lived at a great distance from each other (in depth), can be close to each other in the layer of sedimentary rocks. Continue reading

The graves of vampires in Bulgaria

In the southern part of Bulgaria during the excavation of a mass grave was discovered. All the skeletons were pierced through the chest with a pin. Local archaeologists have called it the “tomb vampires”. Why were they killed in such a strange way?

Mass grave of the vampire at Perperikon

“A vampire grave” found Professor Nikolai Ovcharov, known as the “Bulgarian Indiana Jones”. The Professor is a renowned archaeologist and was dedicated to unearthing mysteries of ancient civilizations most of his life. It was he who, during the excavations the ruins of the ancient Thracian city of Perperikon, discovered mysterious remains.

Professor Ovcharov during work on another tomb

The city was abandoned around 5,000 years ago, but its ruins had been discovered only 20 years ago. As historians suggest, it was built in honor of the Greek God of wine and fertility Dionysus, right around the temple dedicated to this deity. Among the findings that include found the citadel, fortress and Shrine, were found several “vampire graves”. Only at the site was found more than 100 skeletons. Continue reading

The prosthetic leg was discovered in ancient Chinese tomb

In Turpan (China ) archaeologists have discovered a 2,200-year-old remains of a man with a deformed knee joint, the leg to which was tied a prosthesis with a foot of horse hooves.

In addition to men in the grave were the remains of a young woman buried later.

In a report published in the journal Chinese archaeology, States that during the excavations were found the remains of a man with a deformed left leg – patella, bones of the femur and tibia fused together and fixed at an angle of 80 degrees. Such deformation does not straighten the leg, making nevozmozhnosti. For a man to be able to walk normally and ride him made the prosthesis, at the end of which was fixed a horse’s hoof, which served as feet. The prosthesis is made of poplar, on its sides are drilled seven holes, in which were inserted the straps to secure him in the leg. The upper part of the prosthesis is worn out, which suggests that it was used almost constantly. Continue reading

Forbidden archeology
Every day scientists, archaeologists make new discoveries, but not all of them would be loyal to the public. Unfortunately, a great number of findings that fall under the category of…


The last days of Pompeii: Italian scientists scanned the remains of the victims of the disaster
The researchers from Italy used sophisticated scanners to check the status of the remains of victims of the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 ad, the inhabitants of Pompeii. Multi-layer scanning…

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