Unexplained archaeology discoveries
Such discoveries are unexplained findings. The finds of archaeology is a new discovery in the world of archaeology, which shocked the entire world! Excavated artifacts, attracted a large number of…

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Black archaeologists have unearthed mounds for 8 years
Archaeologists Donetsk region are sounding the alarm: the region has intensified the disaster of mounds — graves of chiefs and prominent warriors, who lived 3-5 thousand years ago. At the…

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Black diggers by pretending to be employees of the Vsevolozhsk Museum, stole a Soviet attack aircraft

During the great Patriotic war the IL-2 was the most mass combat aircraft. Under the guidance of aircraft designer Sergei Ilyushin was released 36 thousand stormtroopers.

Our designers have called him “a flying tank” and the Germans for survivability and the lack of maneuverability was called “cement bomber”. Later, considering the power of the machine, hate the nickname “butcher” and “black death”.

Such planes are trying to recover at the Novosibirsk plant. But to find almost the whole IL-2 is priceless.

Fifteen aircraft had raised for his practice, and such a well-preserved copy was not found, — have shared the joy of the commander of the military-Patriotic search group “Vityaz” Nikolay Bukhtiyarov. — It happens once in a lifetime.

Fragments of the IL-2 they with children unearthed last week in the Luga district in three kilometers from the village Volodarskoye. First, the plane was noticed by the Rangers, they passed the information to the administration, and those attracted search engines. Continue reading

Four frightening archaeological finds

Severed hands

During the excavation of the once majestic Palace in the Egyptian city of tell El Daba near the throne room, scientists discovered four pits with human remains. The usual case for archaeology. But the eyes of archaeologists glistened when they saw that two pits were skeletons of men who have not had the brush in his right hand. The missing arm was found in two other pits.

All brushes have been found 14 pieces. According to Manfred Bietak, head of the excavations, “Most of the hands were rather large and some very large”. (Though we didn’t see the hands of Manfred; they are very small).

Apparently, the skeletons belonged to the murdered soldiers of the tribe of hexoses — the ancient people who conquered Egypt about 3.6 thousand years ago. In Ancient Egypt there was a custom according to which the warrior could cut off the right hand of the slain enemy and then to receive for it a reward — the so-called “gold of valor”. People knew how to live! Continue reading

British archaeologists made a curious discovery about medieval children

In the process of yet another archaeological expedition to British researchers have found the remains of children who lived in England in the middle Ages. Experts have analysed the tooth enamel of these children and reported what they ate and whether there was a significant difference in the diet of the poor and the wealthy heirs of English. On the pages of the foreign press there appeared recently an article about how British experts learned what they ate, children from poor and wealthy English families during the middle Ages.

The remains of British discovered in Canterbury cemetery. Through several tests scientists found out that rich children ate almost the same thing and less wealthy. The specialists studied the condition of tooth enamel medieval children and reported that they were satisfied at an early age was excommunicated from the mother’s milk.

In 2 years they have been accustomed to porridge, soaked bread, and other useful products. 4, the children tried to help their parents with the housework and go for meat and vegetables. With 6 years of fed thereby as adults. Continue reading

Fossils found together
If paleontologists find a steep slope, folded sedimentary rocks, full of fossils, what they can say about their interaction? Rocks, forming in some places, differ substantially from the others. Their…


Archaeologists have found a list of the murderers of Prince Andrei Bogolyubsky
During the restoration of the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral in Pereslavl-Zalessky researchers found on its walls are some ancient graffiti, including a unique inscription of the XII century — a message about…

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